Hey girls.

I Dedicated my very first post to this BEAUTIFUL&SMART girl named Farhanah Firdaus aka FaaFirds. Why her? it's because I adore her confident towards Hijab Fashion&Makeup. By the way, she is a Malaysian Youtubers&Vlogger. What has made I adore her? Okay let me explain. Hahaha.
First&foremost, Faa has motivates and inspires the girls out there to be more confident in dressing up. Not only that, but Faa has proved to the world that her hobby&interest in fashion&makeup has become part of her job. I watched all her youtube videos and she has enlighten and guide me to become more presentable&boost up my self confident. The reason I make this blog is because I want to share with you girls as how she did.

To be more presentable in dressing up doesn't mean we must buy/own expensive stuffs. Even a 5 ringgit accessories can shine you up! But for sure, you must wear it with confidence. 

For your infomation, my sister bought this round sunglass for only 6 ringgit at Ampang Fiesta Shopping Complex. It looks elegant and stylish. So, start to be more presentable and confidence with what you buy/own. Ignore people negative thoughts about yourself and just be the way you are.

Here I left you girls her (Faafirds) Youtube channel link, for sure you girls will love her .

Thats all from me. I will update more about fashion and beauty ideas/tips for you girls.
Thanks for reading my blog, do leave a comment for any oufits/fashion ideas.


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