Garnier 12in1 Pure Active Anti-Acne White + My Skin Care Products (UPDATED)


A very big thank you to Garnier Malaysia for sponsoring me their very brand new product that is GARNIER PURE ACTIVE 12IN1 ANTI-ACNE WHITE.
I'm totally in love with their new formula for acne & oily skin. It came with 3 products which I got from Garnier.

Ohh by the way, before this I use Garnier the light complete. I post it on my previous post "My Skincare Products".

The first one is the cleansing foam. I use it twice a day. It really makes my skin fresh and less oily. I can feel the different before and after using this AH-MAH-ZING cleansing foam!

Next is the scrub. It helps you to remove all the dirt off your skin. But here's a tip : Use it only ONCE a week but if you are an outgoing kinda person, use this TWICE a week to keep your face clean!

The last one is the cream! It's really S0-GOOD-!!
I use it on daily basis. It helps to reduce my pimples especially on the days of the month. Isn't this what you girls want? Because everyone hates pimples right?! Besides, it also functions as moisturizer so it's like a 2in1 cream.

You girls can get it from the drugstores or pharmacies near your house.

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