Oreo Pretzel For Eid/Raya?


Need something new for Eid/Raya? Biscuit Raya is too common? or something for picnic? Movies snack? Lets try Oreo Pretzel from this Instagram shop calls @thekinashop 
(Available only in Malaysia).

Based on my personal review, the pretzel tasted quite good but the Oreo doesn't tasted like an Oreo, it tasted more like white chocolate & actually was white chocolate HAHAHA. I'm not a fan of white chocolate, sorry girls.
 I like the taste of the pretzel, I don't know how to describe it, it tasted a bit salty. Different people have various types of taste right? So, don't judge me hehew!

So @thekinashop actually have many types of flavors for pretzel. They have strawberry, oreo, chocolate etc..And it lasts only for a week! So, if you already open up the pretzel container make sure you finish it within 7 days, okay?!
 Go check @thekinashop out now!!

So I will list the price and details down below .

Pretzel Oreo : 
- 40 pieces MYR25
- 80 pieces MYR45

Flavor :
- White chocolate with oreo crunch or strawberry flavor chocolate with oreo crunch.

Pretzel Mix :
- 50 pieces MYR25
-100 pieces MYR45

Flavor :
- Can mix with any flavor that you like.
- They have 6 flavor that you can mix
White Chocolate
Green Apple
Milk Chocolate <3

So girls, for more infomations and details go and check them out at their social media or can easily contact them through whatsapp !

Instagram : @thekinashop
Whatsapp : 019-367 6830
Owner : @sakinah.official

So that's all from me, till we meet again!


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