Halal Nail Polish // Discount Code [ Iqaa ]


Hi girls & yaa I'm back! So today I will share with you girls about these nail polishes from Canada. I made a Video on YouTube about these nail polishes but yet I'm still need to do a review on my blog too! But dont you girls worry because I will leave the link down below for you girls to watch it later. So, this company calls @tuesdayinlove ( Tuesday In Love ) sent me their nail polishes and I liked it.

So it came in a small box and the bottles were wrapped with spongy "thingy..." I don't know what it was BUT yaa you girls can describe it by seeing the picture down below hihi!

It came with 5 different shades and 1 top coat. 

I love the code name because they are too cute GIRLSSSS.

Ohh by the way this nail polishes is "Peel Off" so, it suit for Hijabis&for daily basis as well. 

p/s : Tuesday In Love is a world wide shipping :)

Tuesday in Love

 Halal Certified Water Permeable nail polish & cosmetics. Cruelty Free & Child labour free. Proceeds from every sale go to charity.

So girls, go and watch my video nowww!!

And do visit their Instagram&Website for more infomation&details.

(Get a discount by using this code "Iqaa")

I think that's all from me for today, till we meet again!


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