How To Reduce Eyebags / Dark Eye Circles (Easier Way Ever)


Hi girlsssssssss! I'm so sorry because I'm so busy with my university life and honestly I miss blogging and talking to you girls x) 
So, recently I found out that my eyebags become worse and I tried this beauty tips and its working babehhh. And why not I share this beauty tips with your girls even this tips are from google, youtube and others blogger but yaa WHY NOT?!
So here you go, enjoy!

  • Put 2 spoons (not plastic spoon) in the freezer for about 15 minutes and put on your eyes about 5-10 minutes (Put the cold spoon under each eye.)
  • Sleep longer at least 6-7 hours but 6 hours is enough for a BUSY PERSON like me.
  • Try not to drink lots of water before you go to bed, the fluids will build up there (under your eyes) when you sleep.
  • Always take deeper breaths and stay calm.
  • You girls also can put cucumbers on your eyes.
  • But the most important things is ALWAYS ALWAYS COOL DOWN & DON'T GET STRESS.
So girls, remember please take a good care of your health and stay happy.

Love, Iqaa.

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